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Post by Okami on Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:14 pm

A quinque is a weapon invented by Adam Gehner and Yoshiu Washuu that is fashioned from a ghoul's kagune. Manufactured from a ghoul's kakuhou, the quinque emits electrical signals that stimulate the kakuhou to release and control the kagune. The quinque can be made into various shapes like axes, guns, shields or blades to a degree, but most still retain some characteristics of the original kagune. Another difference between a quinque and a kagune is that the former cannot change its shape nor store or absorb anymore Rc cells other than what was harvested from the ghoul it was made from. Only CCG's Rank 2 ghoul investigators and up are permitted to use quinques. The ghoul investigators transport them in bags or suitcases in order to store kakuhou.

Since quinque of lower ranks are able to be produced more readily there are more of them, with several units of each model dependent upon the ghoul used. All quinque up to B Rate can be applied for and purchased, due to an available supply of Kakahou. Any quinque made from the kakahou of ghouls rated A to S+ must be created using the kakahou of either an NPC or a player ghoul. The kakahou of SS and SSS Rated ghouls are to be acquired through special means and events due to their rarity, and the ghoul in question must either be a player or a staff-controlled NPC.
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