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Sato's Update Page

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Sato's Update Page Empty Sato's Update Page

Post by Sato on Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:17 am

Character Profile
Name: Hamura Sato
Alias: The Invincible Ghost
Age: 27
Race: One-Eyed Ghoul
Faction: Aogiri Tree
Rating/Rank: Leader

Character Development

Friends: Ghouls
Enemies: Humans; Yami Kemuri
Misc: He is very cruel to humans.

Combat Ability


Strength: 6 (+ 1 w/ Kagune)
Speed: 9 (+ 1 w/ Kagune)
Durability: 3 (+ 1 w/ Kagune)
Healing: 5
Perception: 6


Type: Bikaku
Appearance: Upon releasing his Kagune one is brought to an instant surprise on his behalf. When released Sato's Kagune froms strange glowing linear marks all along his flesh which gives him a light blue aura. These marks original from where the tailbone is marking it as his Bikaku Kagune.

Negation: Covering his body in a thin layer of Rc Cells allows Sato to shield himself from most types of kagune and quinque which effectively makes it impossible to hurt him with anything comprised of Rc Cells although it has been noted he is still vulnerable to Q-Bullets and certain types of Kagune. As far as he knows this is the only ability of his Kagune which makes it primarily defensive and useless for anything else other than a shield.

Name: Juggernaught
Type: Rinkaku
Form: Gauntlet
Rate: B-rate
Appearance: The appearance of Juggernaught is a red clawed arm that is worn on their lower arm, originally parts of an entire armour the kagune had to be cut apart and reforged into four different Quinque.

Force Multiplier: The only ability of Juggernaut is that it drastically increases the amount of kinetic force when it comes into contact with something. For example if someone was to punch something lightly with their Juggernaught then it would be multiplied to the point it feels like a car is crashing into you everytime.
Cost: 1000
Requirements: Only commanders in Aogiri Tree can use this Quinque.
List of Owners: Aogiri Tree Commanders.

Weapons & Other Items: N/A


Experience: 1000 EXP
Yen: 3000 Yen
Rc Cells: 2500 Rc Cells
S- Rate
S- Rate

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Sato's Update Page Empty Re: Sato's Update Page

Post by Okami on Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:21 am

Approved! I'd assume that the Quinque Juggernaut was his from when he was in the CCG.
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