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Post by Okami on Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:45 pm

Rank, in Tokyo Ghoul, is everything when it comes to power. The CCG gives out higher rankings to ghouls who have proven themselves to be more dangerous, and other ghouls will give them a wider berth. In turn, the CCG's employees are given positions according to their skill. On the site, this will be used to determine a character's stat points and skills. Please note that, during grading, the absolute HIGHEST RATING one will be able to start with is S- rating for Ghouls, with Associate Special Class being the highest for Ghoul Investigators. To get these ranks, you have to have a spectacular application, so be warned!


Ghouls are rated based upon various factors, including their basic strengths, activity levels, influence and hostility towards investigators. There are six rating levels, from SSS (the most powerful) to C (the weakest). In some cases, a "~" is added to the base rating. This indicates that the ghoul is estimated to be at least that strong, but the rating may change once more is known about the subject.

SSS rated
Criteria is unclear.
SS rated
Multiple Special Class Investigators are needed.
S+ rated
Equivalent to the ability of an average Special Class Investigator. (approx)
S- rated
Equivalent to the ability of an average Associate Special Class Investigator. (approx)
A rated
Comparable to a First Class Investigator.
B rated
Comparable to a Rank 1 to Rank 3 Investigator.
C rated
Ghouls of smaller ability.

In addition to the ghoul's individual ability, the actual damage caused by the ghoul is also evaluated. The rating is set in consideration of the predation and killing incidents committed by the ghoul.
For some ghouls, their influence over other ghouls is also taken into account when ratings are given.[2]


Special Class: The highest possible Rank, achieved by the smallest percentage of Investigators. They are considered the strongest of all Investigators, and typically command operations as well as oversee the daily running of their assigned Wards.

Associate Special Class: The second highest Rank, achieved by a small percentage of Investigators. They possess the authority to command operations or oversee individual Wards as necessary.

First Class: The lowest Rank to be considered a Senior Investigator, with most Investigators achieving this Rank later in their career. It is typical for an Investigator to retire at this Rank, and their responsibilities are typically training a Junior partner. Very few Investigators move beyond this Rank, and reaching it before their thirties is considered the mark of an exceptional Investigator.

Rank 1: The highest Rank for a Junior Investigator, having gained experience but not yet at the peak of their career. On average, Rank 1 Investigators are around 27 years old when they're promoted.

Rank 2: This is the Rank at which almost all Investigators begin their career, after graduating from the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy.

Rank 3: Bureau Investigators begin their career at this rank. Ghoul Investigators that begin their career at this Rank are "special cases", made Investigators without formal training at the Academy.
Associate Special Class
Associate Special Class

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