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Yuuki Takanashi Empty Yuuki Takanashi

Post by Yuuki on Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:45 pm

Yuuki Takanashi Latest?cb=20131227164816&path-prefix=protagonist

Name: Yuuki Takanashi
Nickname: Yuu
Race Ghoul
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 71 kilograms
Faction Currently Loner
Character Rank: A

Personality: Yuuki is a person who has grown accustomed to being alone, she has always been alone in her life. After being abandoned by everyone in her life she has come to see the world as a place where only those who are alone have any chance. She claims people, friends and family are all just weaknesses and things holding people back which is why it is quite hard to actually befriend her or get close to her. She has a habit of pushing people away from her and is easily annoyed when people constantly try to affiliate with her which makes it hard for her to work together with others too.

Her lone-wolf mentality makes her quite apathetic, selfish and uncaring. It can also be that she has a twisted moral compass due to the fact that she never had anyone to teach her right and wrong which makes her believe in her head that she is doing the right thing by surviving and everyone else is doing it wrong. She is quite hostile to people when they approach her although doesn't care much for territory and it's not uncommon for her to attack people in other Ghouls' territory just cause she wanted to.

Character History: Born to her mother and father Yuuki was immediately abandoned by her family, left in an orphanage the little girl was raised by the carers there. She never knew the love or warmth of another person and only get the very little that she received from the staff there although that was not enough for her and she grew up cold and strange. The girl was often discriminated for the white hair she had, when people came looking to adopt a child she was always overlooked as to strange by the people. Once the other kids began to pick up on this discrimination they to joined in and picked on her as well.

This constant discrimination affected Yuuki very negatively, she only got one form of positive attention from one of the carers who was like her; a Ghoul. He'd sneak her flesh and keep her identity a secret to prevent another form of abuse towards her, she grew quite attached to him as she grew up. She'd lived much of her child life in a state she hated with her only thing good being the carer that sneaked her human flesh so she could survive.

Her only friend however was not what he was made out to be, having seen Yuuki grow into a teenager he actively sought to abuse her in sexual ways with his control over her through her secret and being her only source of food. However this abuse affected her psychology much worse, she became silent and apathetic. It wasn't long before she snapped and murdered him, however the push had turned to shove and the teenager slaughtered everyone in the orphanage while feasting on them and leaving to try and survive in society against the odds.

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Yuuki Takanashi Empty Re: Yuuki Takanashi

Post by Okami on Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:48 pm

Approved! What the Hell is with all of us and our messed-up histories? XD
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