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Post by Okami on Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:41 pm

Okami Kokugatsu Okami_10

Name: Okami Kokugatsu
Nickname: Odin; CCG's Pet; Traitor (to most ghouls)
Race One-Eyed Ghoul
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs
Appearance: Long, messy hair frames Okami’s face in spikes as white as snow. It often shines, but it is a result of grooming and not of grease. It’s very soft, and runs down to his shoulders in a fashion that drives the female investigators wild. It radiates nonchalance as it swishes softly in the breeze. His bangs reach his eyes in a perfect way, enhancing their appearance without covering them completely.

Out from underneath the flow of obsidian peers a pair of fallen stars, reddish-brown orbs that sparkle in the light. Staring into his soft gaze gives the sensation of melting into them, yet to enemies they bring a searing despair that few can resist. A lazy smile slowly spreads across Okami’s face most often, but can change in a heartbeat to a deep sadness when no one is looking. While fighting, he keeps a calm, controlled demeanor, lest he lose control and hurt his loved ones. When they are in danger, however, the veneer will shatter and turn into a barely-controllable wrath held in check only by his resolve. If one of the few people he cherishes is hurt or killed, a sadistic grin will surface through the pain as he takes his vengeance. His left eye is his kakugan, and he has enough control over it to leave it uncovered and exposed. When eating or while using his kagune, however, his eye burns crimson amidst a black field.

Okami stands at an average height for a human. His arm muscles are highly pronounced from countless years of training, while the rest of him is not large and bulky like a bear, but not slim and lean like a cat. Rather, he seems to take after his namesake, the wolf. His skin has color, but isn’t tanned. His hands look strong, and can often be found spinning a knife or playing with the hilt of a sword. His youthful appearance isn’t just skin deep, as he radiates an abundance of excess life-force and has nearly-zero attention span.

Faction CCG; Loosely Anteiku; Formerly Loner
Character Rank: S- Rate; Considered Associate Special Class

Personality: Okami is typically relaxed and easy-going, quickly forgiving those who wrong him. This is not because he is too trusting, however. He is an amazing judge of character, and can often tell when someone is lying. When meeting new people Okami can seem a bit shy, but he really tries hard to force himself out of his comfort area. This, however, occasionally results in anxiety attacks, which really doesn’t help at all. He doesn’t have many friends, but he would die to protect those few he has. Whenever he’s around them, he can truly let his guard down, which is a rare thing for him.

While he does enjoy a good fight, Okami is not one to waste time extending them. He dispatches his enemies quickly and hates long, drawn out battles. He has much respect for most of his opponents, and honors their valor before killing them so that they know he harbors no ill will. When a loved one is at risk or killed, however, Okami is utterly merciless and sadistic. At that point he will unleash his full power, and is determined to tear apart whoever stands between him and his loved one. While fighting against someone on an equal level, he will often escalate his performance as the fight dictates so that he doesn’t exhaust himself. However, if an opponent is stronger than him, Okami will put his full force into his opening blows to harry his enemy’s advance and prevent them from using their own techniques.

Okami, while he does have close friends, can sometimes lock himself in his quarters for hours at a time in an attempt to be alone. The loneliness that engulfs him is a result of his sense of duty and the self-sacrifices he makes for his loved ones. This misery he feels is all-consuming and he blames himself for anything and everything that happens to them. He is reluctant to break his code of honor even if ordered to do so, as he fears that if he does he will lose his friends, family, and perhaps even his sanity.

When around women, the esteemed man changes slightly. His aloof behavior becomes even more pronounced, and his judgment tends to err more often. He is a severe romantic, and will often attempt to woo those that catch his eye. He is undeniably straight, however, and this never wavers. Okami's ideal woman varies, as he views each as a unique work of art, valued in their own way.

Character History: Okami...didn't have it easy as a child. Most ghouls don't, but he really had it rough considering his mother was a Special Class Investigator, and his father was an infamous SS Rated ghoul. When Iris Kokugatsu met his father, she was in fact hunting him. His alias was Loki, as he continued to elude investigators. They were at a coffee shop, and bumped into each other. Love at first sight, right? If only it were that easy. Once they had been dating for around 3 months with the investigation still underway, they were elated to find that Iris was pregnant. However, a new turn of events in her investigation pointed towards Okami's father, as he had made a fatal mistake. He became lax and happy with his girlfriend, who had managed to keep her job from him. Horrified, they had a confrontation along with several other Senior and Junior investigators. Normally, this would have been fine and maybe even a bit overkill for a single ghoul, but Loki had an SS Rating for a reason. He slaughtered all but three of the investigators, one of whom was Okami's mother, one who hid and was later reprimanded for cowardice, and one who was horribly injured but stayed alive until he could get treatment. He couldn't kill the mother of his child...He just couldn't. Running away, he left her heartbroken and crying in the rain. Months later, when Okami was born, all the doctors and scientists at the CCG were amazed that he was still alive. Most hybrid children died in the womb, and those few who did survive were typically cursed to live a half-life. Alas, this wasn't to be for Okami. He was born healthy, crying with a full head of snowy-white hair...and a single kakugan in his left eye. Panicking, his mother ran from the Commission of Counter Ghoul, as there was already talks about how unnatural it was and how she shouldn't have decided to keep the baby. This would be the last straw for them. Finding an abandoned warehouse in the 20th Ward, one of the most peaceful areas in Tokyo, she placed Okami there and went to the coffee shop where she had first met Loki. Anteiku, it was called, and as soon as she walked in she began looking for his father using all her training and instincts. She didn't find him, but Iris was introduced to the all-ghoul staff of the shop. When she begged them to look after him should something happen to her, the manager agreed rather easily. Going back to where she had left the tiny half-ghoul, she stood watch well into the night. For two weeks she cared for her child in hiding, unable to even feed him properly. She was starving herself, as she had none of her normal resources and only the clothes on her back. As her body gave in, she saw only one way to resolve this. She fed herself to her son.

During his formative years, Okami didn't have many friends, and often had to fight for everything he had. He refused to allow the staff of Anteiku to feed him once he got older, as he was healthy and could hunt for himself. Their stores were for those who couldn't, he would say. He would venture out when he needed and get food, or take out those that needed it. As he grew and learned, he found that the world was cruel. The manager had told him the story of his mother, and he hated that something like that would happen. To change it, something would need to be done.

As it turned out, there were quite a few doves on his tail. The secretions from his kagune closely resembled his father's, and had earned him the alias Odin due to the stories of a ghoul with a single kakugan killing both humans and other ghouls indiscriminately. From the estimations of the CCG, he was at the lower end of the S Rating, and only had room to grow. In fact, several investigators had already died when facing him, and many more were injured, giving him priority. However, during their investigations they learned of an Okami Kokugatsu who matched the description of the ghoul known as Odin. White hair, with several piercings in either ear and a rather sad attitude. When his name rang a bell, they peacefully approached him. The man who had been injured in the fighting with his father asked if he was Okami, and when he affirmed it the investigator laughed, stating he never thought he'd ever meet Iris' son. Once the young man's attention was caught, he would tell the story of his mother, and how she wouldn't have wanted her own son to live like this. Offering him a place in the CCG as an investigator, the man would smile at Okami. At only 16, the boy was still impressionable, and in the man before him he saw someone that he could truly befriend and trust. Thus started what 'Odin' would say are the best years of his life.

It's been seven years since that day, and Okami is now a well-known and respected investigator with a classified secret. Of course, he could tell anyone if he wished to, but that would defeat the purpose. He doesn't have restrictions on using his ghoulish side, but has been informed that if he ever loses his humanity he'll need to die. The Commission keeps him stocked with food so that he doesn't need to hunt humans, but he has a tendency to eat other ghouls when given the opportunity. The CCG even permits and supports this behavior, given that in the end it will make one of their own stronger. He's come a long way from the ruthless killer named after the king of the Norse pantheon, and is generally a happier person overall. Just remember, when it comes down to it...ALL ghouls have a dark side.

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